Alessandra Ambrosio’s Butt Workout

Who wouldn’t want a body like Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio? Luckily, fitness expert Leandro Carvalho, told Shape Magazine how she got that great booty, plus he talked about how he started working with Alessandra. It all began 10 years ago when she approached Carvalho:

“Alessandra was looking for a program to specifically target and tone her butt without bulking up her legs,” Leandro Carvalho says. “She wanted her legs longer, her thighs thinner, and her butt toned and tightened.”

As a result, Carvalho’s world-famous ‘Brazil Butt Lift’ was born and since then, celebrities, supermodels and Victoria’s Secret angels alike have been flocking to the innovative Brazilian trainer to learn his secret on getting one awesome butt. About his workout, Carvalho says:

“You’re doing cardio at the same time that you’re using muscles and sculpting the body. All you need is your own body weight. My workout tones your bum bum, but keeps your curves so you can stay sensual and feminine.”

Check out the Brazilian ‘bum-bum-booty’ workout (video) after the cut!

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Brooklyn Decker’s Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Hollywood hottie Brooklyn Decker’s workout secrets on keeping fit are revealed in Shape Magazine.  The former Sports Illustrated cover model and now actress has often spoken out about her health in the press, admitting she has to really work at it. Obviously good genes play a role in her fabulous figure, but it’s refreshing to hear she’s struggled with weight and body issues just like the rest of us.

“She is very coordinated and likes to push. Brooklyn works hard and has fun while she’s at it,” says veteran celebrity trainer Jade Alexis, who worked with the sexy supermodel-turned-actress for an Elle Magazine workout DVD.

As for workouts, Alexis says both strength training and cardio is a must. In preparation for the DVD, Alexis and Decker did a series of cardio circuits, mixing drills, and movements from basketball, soccer, tennis, and boxing.

“Cardio will keep you lean, strength training will keep you strong and toned. Brooklyn is very athletic and picked everything up quickly, especially the boxing!” Alexis says

 After the jump, I’ll reveal the routines Alexis did with Decker!

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5 Reasons to skip the gym

It can be tough to figure out when you can better skip the gym. That’s why Tori Rodriguez from Woman’s Day consulted some experts to get their take on when you should(n’t) do intense working out.

  • Have a hangover? A light workout can help clear your head. However, your electrolytes are typically pretty out of balance after a night of drinking, and a sweaty workout can make it worse. It’s also important to consider how bad your hangover is: If you’re absolutely miserable, just make it a rest day. Otherwise, go for a walk or try another form of low-key cardio, just don’t forget to replenish your fluids.
  • Are you under the weather? Light exercise can help ease congestion from a cold, but if you have a cough or fever, it’s best to sit it out until the illness passes.
  • Did you just eat? You know that it’s not ideal to exercise while you’re completely full, but a low-intensity workout like easy cycling or walking is fine on a full stomach.

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Kim Kardashian reveals her workout secrets

If there’s one person who’s famous for her curvy body, it’s Kim Kardashian. But because of her extremely busy schedule, she just doesn’t always have the time to go to the gym (or maybe she’s just too lazy to go). Kim shared her workout secrets with Shape Magazine and as a result of it we can now all do the Kardashian routine. Kim also revealed her secret weapon to motivation: a workout buddy.

Click here to see what Kim does to keep her body in shape.

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