Lindsay Lohan in Bikini: Now and Then

Lindsay Lohan in Bikini: Now and Then

On the left, Lindsay on the beach in December, 2008 and right, Lindsay in Hawaii in December, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is definitely not the only one in female Hollywood who has been battling with her weight (in the past). ¬†We probably all remember the pictures of an ultraskinny Lindsay Lohan in a white dress back in 2005. A year later she gained some weight and looked much healthier. But in 2008 it seemed that she was shedding the pounds again. I’m glad though that these days she’s back to a more natural size. It seems Lindsay gained most weight on the upper-part of her body and her booty and hips, because her belly is actually still quite flat. What do you think of the comparison? Did she looked better then or now?

Lindsay Lohan in Bikini: Now and Then (back)

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Olivia Newton-John: Now And Then

Left, Olivia in Grease (1978) aged 30 and right, Olivia seen last week in London

Olivia Newton-John has sparked debate as to whether or not she’s had a little help rolling back the years. The Grease beauty was seen on Loose Women (UK) this week to discuss her new cookbook LivWise. But the stark juxtaposition between her crow’s feet around her eyes, compared to a completely wrinkle-free forehead didn’t quite sit right as they were in extreme contrast. What do you think? Did Olivia had a little help from the Botox fairy? But before you judge, check out more pictures after the jump! Continue reading